I’m Michael Thau. Welcome to my blog.

At one time, I was a high school dropout, working as a plain clothes security guard in an urban department store.

A while later, I wound up with a PhD in philosophy from Princeton and spent 8 incredibly painful years on the faculty of UCLA. (See here and here, for some of the story.)

I then wound up inventing my own system of yoga. I taught that privately for a while but ultimately realized that, to make the business work, my real job would have to be as  a salesman.

Having no aptitude or taste for sales, in the summer of 2017, I started writing to see if I could make a career of it. On this blog, you’ll find articles I’ve published and a few that are only available here.

I’m now working full time on a multipart series for American Greatness presenting the enormous volume of evidence that the alleged Russian hack of the DNC’s servers is a scam perpetrated by their tech firm CrowdStrike to tarnish Julian Assange. You can find the first two entries in the series here and here.

I don’t yet get paid for the articles I submit and am running a funding campaign to finance my work on the alleged Russian DNC hack until I have enough material for a book contract. If you believe the project is important or have found anything on this site illuminating, please consider helping out.

No contribution is too small.

Thanks for your time.



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