Our Corporate Secular Faith and How it Stifles Dissent.

Well, it’s just not a weekend in America these days unless left-wing mobs assault peaceably assembled protesters on the right. This Sunday, it happened in Berkeley, where a few hundred people showed up to protest Marxism, and the now familiar scene of police standing down while the anti-Marxists were outnumbered, assaulted, and chased by masked and beweaponed mobs was reenacted.

One of those assaulted was Joey Gibson, the organizer of a cancelled conservative rally that was scheduled for San Francisco the day before. Gibson even explicitly announced that racists and white supremacists were both despicable and completely unwelcome. But that didn’t stop threats from violent leftist groups and the shameful recent history of police in liberal towns not protecting anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin from forcing him to cancel Saturday’s rally out of safety concerns. Nor did it stop the mobs at Berkeley, when he showed up there on Sunday, from assaulting Gibson, or the police from taking him away in handcuffs when he fled behind a protective barrier where they passively watched the violence unfold.

The masked Marxist groups responsible for Sunday’s assaults in Berkeley and Saturday’s cancelled Rally in San Francisco were, of course, the same ones who were responsible for the violence and intimidation two Saturdays ago in Boston, where 40,000 people turned out to harass 300 free speech protesters. They are also the same groups who the President’s chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, called “citizens standing up for equality and freedom” on Friday, for their role in the violent confrontations in Charlottesville three weekends ago.

But, in Gary Cohn’s corporate secular faith, prejudice has replaced the traditional vice of avarice, and Adolf Hitler is the murderous tyrant, as opposed to other equally worthy candidates like Stalin or Mao Zedong, who plays Satan’s role as “the embodiment of evil.” So, statues commemorating the Confederate civil war dead are, for Cohn, monuments to a secular Satan; and those few folks rallying against the destruction of those monuments who actually were self-professed racists or anti-Semites are, for Cohn and his wealthy elite friends, Satan worshipers. The majority who showed no sign of hateful views are guilty of standing side by side with the Satan’s minions, which, of course, for the faithful, makes them as evil as the devil worshipers themselves. The last three weekends should have made it clear to everyone that we live in a corporate secular theocracy, in which those who share any beliefs whatsoever with those it deems evil have no right to free speech, or even to police protection, and deserve whatever harm mobs overwhelmed with religious fervor can inflict.

But you still might wonder why Gary Cohn, who was the president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, would praise a Marxist mob. If you do, what you need to understand is that Marxists and uber-wealthy globalists like Gary Cohn are zealots in the very same secular faith, and they both see those outside the faith as a much bigger threat than they do each other. Marxist mobs never show up to intimidate, assault, or even to protest corporate executives these days. They both worship Mammon, the medieval devil of avarice, and see those who support putting the interests of American citizens above the interests of global corporations and the citizens of other nations as the heretical real enemy. Gary Cohn agrees with Antifa that any concern about middle-class Americans losing their jobs to cheap third world labor or their communities being destroyed by unchecked immigration is sacrilege, since it presupposes the existence of values besides market value. So, anyone who has such concerns, whether they have any hateful and abominable views or not, are the most vile heretics; and anyone intimidating, assaulting, and silencing them are crusaders in a holy war against Satan’s minions.

This is partly why Adolf Hitler, rather than Joseph Stalin, who was responsible for vastly more gruesome death and was at least as evil, has been turned into the supernatural “embodiment of evil” in Cohn and Antifa’s common secular faith. Communists agree with wealthy globalists that all non-economic values must be eliminated so that avarice can reign supreme. But, Hitler’s abominable evil involved taking non-economic values that everyone once believed in, like pride in one’s ethnicity and heritage and defense of one’s ancestral land, to inhuman and sadistic extremes. Thus, his unspeakably evil deeds make him perfect to tar anyone who defends such values with the devil’s pitch, regardless of how peaceful and opposed to Nazism they themselves might be, in a way that Stalin’s equally unspeakable evil deeds don’t. Indeed, according to our new corporate secular faith, the Americans who risked and lost their lives fighting the Nazis malignant regime were, in fact, Nazis themselves, since they had no problem with letting Confederate monuments stand or enjoying films like “Gone with the Wind.”

Gary Cohn, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, and other prominent Republicans have all made a point of publicly chastising the President over his sane attempt to put some of the blame for the events in Charlottesville on the left. They all see anyone placing values like common citizenry above economic concerns as worshipers of Adolf Hitler, the pathetic loser they’ve turned into a secular Satan.

My German Jewish paternal grandparents were killed by the Nazis; if what I was told as a child is accurate, they were forced to dig their own graves and then machine-gunned into them.  My father escaped and met my Russian Jewish mother after making his way to Moscow. But, contrary to those who idolize him as a defender of white people, Adolf Hitler had no love for the Slavs. He called them “a mass of born slaves,” and the Nazis intentionally murdered over 3 million Russian prisoners of war by gruesome starvation.

So, I’m the last person in the world to minimize the Nazi regimes crimes against humanity. And, in fact, it’s Gary Cohn and his globalist ilk, rather than I, who exalt Adolf Hitler by making him into a supernatural force to reprehensibly discredit anyone who dares disagree with their agenda. Can anyone seriously suppose that Adolf Hitler himself would prefer being regarded as a pathetic loser, whose greatest contribution to history is a nuclear-armed Jewish state, rather than as the one and only satanic embodiment of evil, who must be perpetually denounced and guarded against long after his ignominious defeat and suicide?

The Marxist mobs who Gary Cohn and the rest of the corporate establishment have praised as heroes have been terrorizing conservative speakers and conferences at a monthly rate, and leftist assaults on the President’s supporters have been routine for the last couple of years. A left-wing assassin, who left no doubt whatsoever about his progressive motivations, only failed to massacre over a dozen GOP senators and congressman and whatever family, friends, and aids were unlucky enough to show up to their baseball practice because he was a lousy shot. Our police departments are suffering an epidemic of assassinations motivated by progressive rhetoric, and a new Antifa spin-off group is advocating property seizures, more violence against police, and all-out revolution. Moreover, despite Gary Cohn’s repulsive posturing that being Jewish gives him some special moral authority to celebrate violent Marxist thugs, the very same mobs he praises are intimidating and assaulting Jews in ways the white supremacists he worries so much about could never dream of getting away with.

But Gary Cohn doesn’t care about his fellow Jews any more than he cares about his fellow Americans, free speech, or the rule of law. He made 20 million dollars at Goldman Sachs in 2016 alone and unlocked 284 million more in bonus money by resigning. The masked and beweaponed mobs who he hails as heroes are no threat to a man with his astronomical wealth and, in any event, they worship the same God of avarice that he does and only threaten heretics who suppose that there’s more to a nation than its GDP.

Those of us who don’t share Gary Cohn and Antifa’s globalist views, whether Gentile or Jew, must remain clear who the real threat is and not be bullied into submission because Adolf Hitler took battling Mammon to unholy extremes. Joseph Stalin took worshiping Mammon to extremes at least as unholy. And it’s his Marxists followers who are terrorizing the country and stand in the way of reclaiming it from their corporate fellow true-believers like Gary Cohn, who worship at the alter of Mammon, the demon of avarice.


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